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VA Home Loan Ramsey, Veteran Home Loan Ramsey, Zero Down Home Loans Ramsey, Zero Down Mortgage Ramsey, Refinance Mortgage Elk River, Refinance Mortgage Monticello, Refinance Mortgage Ramsey MN, Refinance Mortgage ZimmermanMake no mistake, there is quite a bit involved in securing a mortgage loan. It can be a stressful process. However, United Family Mortgage strives to do all the heavy lifting for each of our clients. Your job is to begin packing and preparing to move into your new home; our job is to provide you with an excellent service in areas in which we excel. So let’s get together and go over which of the mortgage plans below will most benefit you. Call United Family now and let’s schedule a consultation.

Zero Down Payment-Us Department of Agriculture-USDA Mortgage

Home Construction Loans Monticello, Refinance Mortgage Monticello, Mortgage Broker Monticello, Mortgage Interest Rates Monticello, Zero Down Home Loans Monticello, 0 down Home Loans MonticelloThis mortgage loan provides a Down Payment Assistance Option if you don’t have money for a down payment. While a “no down payment mortgage” is a great resource for first time home buyers, home loans with no down payment may or may not be the best fit for your specific needs.  For example, this zero down payment mortgage is also called a “rural development mortgage”.  It is offered only in certain geographic areas throughout the state, namely, it excludes many major cities and suburbs.  See map to the left.  But, Sherburne County has a number of areas where this option could work for you. Before you make a mortgage commitment contact United Family Mortgage.  We will help you determine the best mortgage fit for your needs and work diligently to find the lowest interest rate for you.

VA/DVA (Veteran Administration) Loans

Apply for VA Home Loan, VA Home Loan, Veteran Home Loan, Home Loans with No Down, 0 Down Mortgage, No Money Down MortgageVA Loans are a specific form of Zero Down Mortgages.  For this, you will need a Certificate of Eligibility which entails multiple requirements including that you have served in the Armed Forces.

Low Down Payment-1% & FHA- 3.5% Down Payment Mortgage

0 Down Mortgage, No Down Payment Mortgage, Zero Down Mortgage, Zero Down Home Loans, Home Loans with No Down Payment, No Money Down Mortgage, Down Payment Assistance Options21% Down Payment-With Equity Boost* Mortgage.  You put 1% down, lender contributes 2%*, giving you 3% equity at closing.  Great low rates, closes in 30 days or less, available with no monthly mortgage insurance.  No geographic restrictions.

3.5% Down Payment FHA Mortgage.  Though this is often referred to “the first time home loan program” it is actually available to anyone. The down payment is 3.5% and it is easier to qualify for this loan than many others.

203K Rehab Loans & Self – Build Construction Loans

This is FHA’s principal program intended to assist in the restoration and rehabilitation of single-family properties.

Self – Build Construction Loans, as the name suggests, are loans taken out on the property you are building yourself. Funds are given out in stages rather than in one lump sum.

Conventional/Conforming Loans

Conventional mortgages can be conforming or nonconforming.  Conforming loans concede to the terms and conditions instated by the stockholder-owned corporations Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Call United Family Mortgage to learn more about the differences!